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The Story of Trish Smith – Liaison College Graduate

Meet Trish Smith, born in Orillia and raised in Whitby, ON. On graduating she entered the IT field and while on the job she met her future husband, Dave. They were both successful and thrived in the IT realm travelling extensively. They ultimately moved to New Jersey, USA to accept promotions. They had a family and the last of their three children was born in the USA.

Health issues brought them back to Canada where family support was nearby. Trish began to visualize her next career, why not trade her lucrative but hectic IT career for time with family and doing something she loved?

Like the story of The Life of Pie – she saw possibilities in everything she envisioned and food seemed to be part of that vision. Was it pie in the sky? Could this be her new career? She loved cooking – why not give it a try!

Trish enrolled at Liaison College in Downtown Toronto and began her culinary journey; she excelled and quickly developed her love and passion for food – especially baking. She graduated with Honours at the top of her class and was awarded the merits and a reference book signed by her Chef Instructor, Chef Mick Elliott CCC. It was a proud moment.

With three children growing quickly and the oldest already in high school, Trish and Dave were ready to turn the page in their next chapter of life. They decided to explore the possibility of a simpler and quieter life outside of the GTA. It was on a weekend ski trip to Blue Mountain with her sisters, that the notion of making Georgian Bay their new home started to develop. In August 2008 they moved to Thornbury and within a month they purchased a business. Trish and Dave became the proud owners of the Thornbury Bakery Café on Bruce Street.

The Thornbury Bakery is a local landmark and traditional in its offerings; Trish decided not to make any drastic changes right away. She inherited many delicious and comforting recipes with the business so, the legacy continued. This welcoming and bustling business is a familiar place for locals and visitors alike. They come to enjoy the freshly baked goods, piping hot coffee and other tantalizing beverages along with a full breakfast and lunch menu. They are known for their amazing homemade soups. It’s almost impossible to resist the tempting vision reflected in the glass display case at the front counter. It’s here that Chelsea buns, decadent squares, freshly baked breads, marvellous muffins, and a host of delectable pies and cookies await you. Eyes feast on the array of bountiful and aromatic delicacies conjuring up memories of a cozy home kitchen. It’s impossible not to weaken; everyone takes home some of those old fashioned memories.

cupcake display at The Thornbury Bakery

Trish values her customers and friends in the region; it’s been 5 years since she and Dave bought the business. She continues to provide a welcoming gathering place and source for delicious meals and baked goods.

eggs benedict at The Thornbury Bakery

With the addition of gluten free products and a growing wholesale market, Trish is feeding her passion. As she fondly refers to her gifted reference book from her Chef Instructor she is reminded to “keep it sexy”. It was obvious to Trish, that her dream wasn’t just “pie in the sky” Thornbury Bakery is a dream come true!