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Our Activities in the Community

Liaison College has a strong belief in being active in the community. You can find us attending Food Fairs, Conventions, Trade Shows and Charity Events. We participate in and have an ongoing commitment to:

  • the Annual Cuisine Canada Culinary Book Awards
  • Skills Ontario and Skills Canada
  • the Waterloo Region Chef Association Gala
  • CRFA shows
  • Women in Food Management (WFIM) events
students working in a library

The Liaison College Youth Success Fund

The Liaison College Youth Success Fund in partnership with the Hamilton area John Howard Society, helps youth achieve their goals and realize their dreams through:

  • Mentoring
  • Guidance and Career Counselling
  • Effective Internships & Volunteer Opportunities in the Community
  • Upgrading and Re-training
  • Aptitude Assessments

Every year they organize a theme-based fund-raiser. The 2014 event, Sippin at the Dock of the Bay III raised over $30,000.

For more information on the Youth Success Fund, to donate or to register for this year’s event, please visit our Youth Success Fund page for details. Visit Our Facebook page for Updates.

Other Activities

For more information on our activities in the community, please visit our Facebook page.

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