Our Advisory Board

We sought the advice of some of the world’s top chefs while developing our chef training diplomas. They continue to work with us to keep our programs current and practical.

Chef Darryl FletcherChef Darryl Fletcher North America Corporate Chef for Aqua Star, writes recipes for the Aqua Star website and works in product development. He has been featured in Foodservice and Hospitality magazine: Chef’s corner. Chef Bruce Thompson Chef Bruce Thompson Chef Bruce apprenticed in France, attaining the positions of sous chef, head chef and executive chef. He has a Food and Nutrition degree. TIP: Travel, Taste, Travel! Do it till you die!
Christopher DayChef Christopher Day Graduate of The Culinary Institute Of America, Chef Day spent his early years as a pastry chef in New York and Chicago. He now divides his time between the lecture circuit and consulting work.
Corporate Chef, Mercer Tool Corp TIP: Always use real butter!
Chef Christopher Ennew, C.C.C.Chef Christopher Ennew, C.C.C. Chef Ennew won personal gold for his 10-plated program at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg in 1998. His passion is teaching and mentoring young chefs. He is the Executive Judge and overseer for the culinary arts at Skills Ontario.
Executive Chef, Ste. Annes Spa TIP: It’s a career, not just a job – Have passion!
Chef Peter George Chef Peter George Chef George has led the culinary team at the CN Tower for over 12 years. Committed to fresh, locally-grown market produce, he maintains his own herb garden on the grounds.
Executive Chef, 360 The Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto TIP: Focus on the craft, you’ll achieve your dreams.
Chef Mick Elliott, C.C.C.Chef Mick Elliott, C.C.C. Chef Elliot attained international status as Executive Sous Chef of “Little Dix Bay”, a 5-star resort in the British Virgin Islands and as Executive Chef of the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship.
Liaison College TIP: Master your basics. Then remember your basics!
Chef Christopher Lewis Chef Christopher Lewis Chef Lewis is one of the top ten contract caterers in the country, and an expert on the business side of this industry.
President Lewisfoods TIP: Learn to love math

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