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Q: What are fiddleheads?

Fiddleheads are a great Canadian food item since they only grow in certain environments. Fiddleheads are the curled up tops of the elephant fern as they sprout out of the ground in late spring. They are a dark, green coiled vegetable that can be prepared the same way you would cook broccoli or asparagus. Enjoy!

Q: Why do you add salt to water when you’re boiling foods?

A: There are a couple of reasons: flavour (salt enhances the taste of foods as a seasoning) – and that’s fairly obvious. But the other reason is that salt increases the water’s boiling point so that the water will boil faster.

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    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for your message. There are a number of great books and videos showing knife skills. At Liaison College we use a book called Professional Knife Skills by Christopher Day. The publisher is Pearson.
      Come and visit one of our locations for a live demonstration! Our chefs would be happy to show you. Liaison College

  1. How do I thicken southern lemon cheese icing. Too runny to frost layers. I cooked it down using a double boiler then chilled it. Still too runny.

    • you can always use additional icing sugar (not always the sweetness preferred) or another thickening agent – perhaps you added too much acid (lemon juice) and need to increase the cheese/sugar accordingly – if you want essence of lemon and not the all of the juice, you can use zest if you are ok with the consistency

    • steaks are cooked to the doneness requested by the customer – varying degrees of internal temperature (as well as appearance) will indicate the appropriate doneness such as blue, rare, medium, well etc.
      this also applies to a roast such as prime rib
      it is entirely personal taste and preference

  2. I have an All Clad double boiler. From time to time I have seen my wife use the top portion of it directly on the flame of our gas range to make a host of dishes eg, oatmeal, grits, pasta, eggs.

    Should she really be using it for that ??

    Thank you very much for your time.

    • no problem in using the double boiler directly on the stove … it’s actually second pot – the purpose of the double boiler is to create a non-direct heat method (the steam/heat forms between the two pots)
      hopefully your food will not burn or scorch as it might for a direct heat – chocolate, milk and other dairy for example are often heated using a double boiler

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